Adjustable,shampoo,sidewash unit
Adjustable Shampoo Unit: 33-K100

Adjustable Shampoo Unit: 33-K100

Adjustable Shampoo Unit: 33-K100



Accessible Systems Adjustable Shampoo Bowl: 33-K100
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K-100 Shampoo Adjust-a-Sink 

The perfect and practical answer to comfortable shampooing.  The hydraulically actuated lift system operates like a stylist's chair affording the stylist and client unsurpassed access, convenience and flexibility. 

Accessible systems practical approach to development challenged the notion that "standard" height sinks can be accessible to all.  With a range 12 inches, the Adjust-a-Sink easily adapts the environment to the individual.

Features include:

  • 22-inch wide wall space requirement taking up same floor space as conventional shampoo sinks
  • Accommodation for patrons using shampoo chairs or wheelchairs
  • Easy installation in new or existing construction
  • Meets national plumbing codes

Overall the Adjust-A-Sink:

  • Eliminates the need to arch neck backward
  • Eliminates the need to transfer a patron from wheelchair to shampoo chair
  • Eliminates stylist's back bending and strain
  • Helps reduce water on the floor and on patron's clothes

This unit is featurerd w/ a Marble Products 3000W Bowl & Vacuum Breaker as standard equipment.  A painted shroud is standard with the White, Black, and Almond Units; Gray units have a stainless steel shroud.  Please call for pricing if you prefer that this unit has a Belvedere 8400 bowl. 


Easy to install in new or existing construction: The Adjust-a-Sink System is quickly assembled and installed using step-by-step instructions. A centered roughed-in waste supply may have to be lowered to accommodate the full 12 inch rise.

Meets National Plumbing Codes: Hard telescoping plumbing and flexible water supply lines meet U.S. Government plumbing requirements. (Local codes may apply) Contact us for plumbing specifications.

Easy to Use :
Works like a hydraulic beauty chair. Pump pedal raises and lowers bowl 12".

Easy to maintain and durably built: Adjust-a-Sink System is made of highest quality, water-resistant materials that are easy to keep clean. All metal parts are rust proof stainless steel. The shampoo bowl is molded from cultured marble adding style and durability. The backsplash and wallmount panel are plastic laminated on six sides. The hydraulic lift and rail assemblies are designed for years of repeated use.

Use minimum space: The compact Adjust-a-Sink System requires 22 inches of wall space and consumes virtually the same floor space as conventional stationary shampoo sinks.

Accommodates a variety of chair types: The Adjust-a-Sink System was computer designed so patrons can be easily and safely positioned for shampooing while sitting in a shampoo chair, wheelchair, or any chair.

Wide Color Selection: The Adjust-a-Sink system is available in a wide selection of bowl colors with three standard laminated panels. Optional custom laminate colors can be specified. (colors reproduced may not exactly match finished product)
Lead time:
2 weeks for standard colors 3 weeks for special color laminates.
Standard #550 Fixture

 Foot Pump

12" Height adjustment

Additional Options Below
B800.jpg (24777 bytes)  # 800 All In One Sprayer, Faucet, Vac Breaker IAPMO Approved Add $100.00
                               required for WI
JR Smith Hair Interceptor Heavy Use Hair Trap  Add $295.00 ( This item is recommended )
  IAPMO Approved Hair Trap Add $95.00
Stainless Steel Outer Shroud Housing Add $62.00
 Belvedere 8400 Cast Iron Porcelain Shampoo Bowl W/  Belvedere Standard Shampoo Sprayer & Water Fixture Set Including Vacuum Breaker Add $900.00
Dimensions: Width 18", Depth 10" ,Front to Back 21 7/8"






Available colors for 3000W Shampoo Bowl
25-Marble Products Granite Color Chart


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