Shampoo Sink European Backwash Unit : 01-5711-32

Collins QSE European Backwash System 01-711-32

Shampoo Sink European Backwash Unit : 01-5711-32


Shampoo Sink European Backwash : 01-5711-32
European Backwash /shampoo bowl /Salon Backwash

Features a water-shedding design, molded plastic bottle well, cabinet storage, and the #3000 CULTURED MARBLE backwash shampoo bowl with fixtures and vacuum breaker.Has rear storage and molded bottle well. Unit measures 311/2"W x 171/2"D.x331/2 H.Right handed,as pictured,unless specified otherwise.

The European system can be ordered as a single unit, free standing, and/or multiple units can be installed end-to-end with accenting reveals. When plumbing and/or salon layout require that one end goes against the wall, the 711-32-1 unit can be still be installed, and even in multiples.

Black bowl.
Specify, at the time of order, whether unit(s) are to be right or left handed.
The pictured unit, with bottle well to right of the bowl, is right handed.
01-Collins QSE Laminates & Vinyl
If you do not see a laminate here that you like additional laminate colors are available for a small upcharge.

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