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Salon Tool Appliance Holders are perfect for storing your curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers.  When working in a salon or spa, your tools can easily become tangled. Tossed in a drawer they can become damaged or misplaced. Curling Iron holders, flat iron holders, and blow dryer holders help keep your hands free from burns, and the salon tools you need where you need them. 

This stylish yet practical salon appliance holder will help you organize a maximum of six hair care instruments. It is uniquely constructed to be cabinet or wall mounted, offering endless possibilities for you to design your own salon layout.
This wall or cabinet-mounted appliance and hair dryer holder is manufactured from heavy, 14-gauge steel and has a textured grey hammer-tone finish. Inserts are highly heat resistant to withstand hot iron temperatures. All appliance holder cavities taper in toward the bottom (the center circle holder has no bottom). This holder has 2 mounting holes on the back flange to facilitate attachment to a wall or cabinet.
IBBE Salon Equipment – The highest quality salon furniture and beauty equipment at competitive prices.  
  • Circle Holder Diameters: 13/16" - 1" - 1+3/16"
  • Center Circle Holder Diameter: 2+9/16"
  • Left & Right Flat Iron Holders: 1" wide by 3+1/8" tall
  • Outside Unit Dimensions: 10"w, 5.5"h, 7.25" deep
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