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U.S. Mat Seventh Heaven Stylist Mats

Manufacturer Name: U.S. Mat & Rubber Corp.

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Salon Floor Mats: 39-Seventh Heaven Stylist Mats
Seventh Heaven Salon Floor Mats
It's like standing on a cloud ... A specially designed, sponge-cushioned chair mat, gives the luxurious feeling of being in Seventh Heaven. It's a rubber tile - solid or marbleized color - bonded to a cushion of sponge. It also features bevelled eges. It comes in many different sizes, please make a selection below.
This product requires that you make a customization choice. You must choose a mat style (denoted by the letters) and a color, then click the "Recalculate" button. Please choose below.

NOTE: Make sure your marbleized or solid color choice matches with your marbleized or solid choice in size options or your order may be delayed!
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