Salon Styling Chair: 01-7700

Collins ACCESS Hydraulic Salon Styling Chair 01-7700

Salon Styling Chair: 01-7700


Salon Styling Chair: 01-7700
ACCESS Hydraulic Salon Styling Chair
This Patent Pending line has a unique footrest that is split into two halves and joined such that both halves easily rotate to the sides of the chair ... and out of the way. This "rotated-out-of-the-way footrest" makes for a safer entry and exit for people who need this advantage; the typical footest is an encumbrance to many.
As an additional ACCESS feature, the arm of the chair is removable to permit a person to gain entry to the chair from the side. This would permit a person to be easily helped into the chair from the side; the arm can then be firmly reattached to the chair for safety.
The patent-pending Access Styling Chair is available only from Collins; the Access footrest can also be special ordered as an option on most Collins chairs.
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