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Barber Poles: 52-MH-M55

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Barber Poles: 52-MH-M55
Barber Pole
M55   21 ??        
11 pounds                         

Length is TOP to BOTTOM. (Not just the clear area!)

22.5" around the center    (which means the diameter is about 7.2 inches)
28.5" around the shiny rim (which means the diameter is about 9.1 inches)
Attractive and Functional. Can Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors.
Electric operated. It spins and lights up to let your customers know that you are Open For Business.
Time tested to perform in all weather.
Comes with the bracket to hang.
The shiny parts are plastic (not stainless steel) but they have never had any problems with freezing or cracking due to cold weather.
Electric plug is 3 prong.
Features a One Year Warranty for manufacturer's defect.


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