Massage Tables: 02-Aurora

Oakworks Aurora Portable Massage Table

Massage Tables: 02-Aurora


Massage Tables: 02-Aurora
Aurora Portable Massage Table

 The lightest weight with the warmth of wood and superior value. Get a strong start and a lighter load.

  • 400 lb. dynamic load tested
  • 25-29 lbs.
  • Widths - 24", 28", 30"
  • 24"-34" height range
  • 73" length
  • UL Listed
  • CableLock™
  • Semi-firm Padding
  • 6mm End Panels
  • Integra-hinge ™
  • UniLock Closure
  • Inter-Lock™ Legs
  • Choice of TerraTouch or UltraTouch II upholstery

Options including QuickLock Face Rest, Wooden Portable Arm Rests and Ultimate Access End Panel are available. Please choose below. 

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