Massage Tables: 55-Infinity

Earthlite Infinity Portable Massage Table

Massage Tables: 55-Infinity



Massage Tables: 55-Infinity

Curves! The Infinity™ has sleek, stylish, elegant curves. And a cushioning and upholstery system that your clients will love. This innovative design uses our patent-pending 10 layer laminate hoop design to shape a one-of-a-kind table which is wider in the shoulder area and narrower in the middle, enabling easier access to the client and a unique, beautiful profile with rounded corners.

  • Distinctive Tapered Hoop Design, beautuful profile with rounded corners
  • Wider in shoulder area and narrower in the middle neabling easier access
  • Stitched fit upholstery yielding more comfortable massage surface

A number of options as well as multiple colors are available. Please choose below.

Shown with optional carrying case and headrest
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