Pedicure Spa: 20-PS78

Pibbs Tuscany Pipeless Pedicure Spa 20-PS78

Pedicure Spa: 20-PS78


Pedicure Spa: 20-PS78

Tuscany Pipeless Pedicure Spa

Part of the Podotherapy Spa Systems line. Features "Sani-Jet" Pipeless Spa System. Each jet is powered by its own technologically advanced motor, giving you the freedom to control the flow of water. The jets function smoothly and with less noice than typical piped systems.

Also features swirl chair top, reclining seat, full massage system, adjustable footrest and almond granite as base color.

Base Dimensions: 29.5"W x 54"L x 18"H
Chair Dimensions: 21"W x 18"L x 28"H

Manicure tray set not included, but available. Optional discharge pump is available. Please choose these below.

Suggested Retail Price: $3395.00

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