Wet Booths: 01-5501-66

Collins QSE Barber Station w/ Bowl 01-5501-66

Wet Booths: 01-5501-66


Wet Booths: 01-5501-66

QSE BARBER STATION ... traditional-design barber station w/ two full extension drawers, two storage cabinets w/ shelves, two clipper pockets, blow dryer holder, plumbing access doors.

INCLUDES wall-mounted 36" x 66" mirror.

INCLUDES built-in Collins CB19 Bowl, fixtures, & vacuum breaker. 66"W x 15"D x 39"H x 75"H.

Choose from 8 popular QSE COLORS or custom-order your color for an additional 10%.

If this is not what you had in mind, click HERE to see the Collins Classic Barber Station.
MSRP $3100.00

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